Support for Companies
Easy visa process
We will do all the visa paperwork for you.
Help finding a mobile phone and place to live
We will help foreign workers find a place to live. We will also help them get a mobile phone.
We provide high quality workers
Our overseas partner companies offer great education, providing only the best workers.
Strong connection with workers’ home countries
YOU-I has trusted partners in many countries. We can contact them and send messages between workers and their families quickly.
Support provided by our multi-national staff
Experienced Ishikawa YOU-I staff help with communication in your company. We also provide support for hospital visits, etc.
We fix workplace and living problems
We help solve living problems or problems between companies and workers. When communication from companies to workers is difficult, our Japanese staff help to fix the problem from a neutral position.
Creating an international company culture
Good understanding between workers and companies creates a happy working environment. We do exchange events and training to increase staff’s cultural and global skills.
Foreign worker support
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