Support for Foreign Workers
Support provided by multi-national staff
Advice about living in Japan, from long-term foreign residents with lots of experience.
Language, culture and living support
We provide Japanese language training and help you understand local culture. We also help with sorting and throwing away rubbish, how to use supermarkets etc., so you can live happily in Japan.
Smooth communication
Our experienced Ishikawa YOU-I staff help you communicate with your company.
There’s a community and friends here for you
Our multi-national community was built through the activities of NPO YOU-I. We have a friendship barbeque, and events where you can make new friends.
Advice helpline in your language
Access to a work & living support line until 9pm. We respect your privacy. Our Japanese staff help with problems in your company. We help from a neutral position, so there is no trouble for you.
Advice helpline flow
Support when sick
If you are sick, our staff will go with you to the hospital, so you can talk to the doctor using your language. We will also give you an emergency communication sheet.
Strong connection with your home country
YOU-I has trusted partners in many countries. We can contact them and send messages between workers and their families quickly.
Foreign worker support
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