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Why Support Foreign Workers?

In Japan, the number of workers is going down quickly. So, workers from other countries are very important. But there are problems with the Technical Intern Training Program, such as trainees disappearing from their workplaces, and other issues.

These problems are not always caused by the workers.

YOU-I knows the problems foreign workers have. We started this project to make working in Japan more fun, using our experience from many years of non-profit international exchange activities.

The current situation for foreign workers in Japan

There are problems in the work environments for trainees.

◎Low wages and/or unpaid wages
◎Long work hours, harassment
◎Working conditions different to originally promised
◎Lots of money owed to the worker agency
◎Hard to live in Japan due to the language and cultural differences

Can the Specified Skilled Worker System solve these issues?

The Specified Skilled Worker System was created to fix the problems above. Foreign workers will be paid the same or more than Japanese workers doing the same job. It is the same or more than the minimum wage. Also, workers will be able to transfer to a new company if their work situation is not good. More improvements will come from the creation of other new rules in the future.

Although there are new laws and rules, living in Japan is not easy for trainees and foreign workers. But YOU-I will help you!

"Specified Skills Visa"?

The Specified Skills Visa is a new work visa that started in April 2019.

It was created to bring more workers to Japan.

There are many types of Specified Skills Visas for a wide range of jobs.

Foreign worker support
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